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The farm has been an integral part of the Lehigh Valley since 1800.  It was originally part of a large tract of land  deeded to William Penn, founder of Pennsylvania, by King Charles II.  It was payment due Penn's father who was an English Navel hero.  William Penn's son Thomas, then sold part of this tract to Joseph Turner who, in turn sold it to William Allen, founder of Allentown, PA. 

In 1892 the land where the main farm is now located was purchased by Joseph Schneck (Pappy) and it has been family owned and operated ever since.  Pappy, being a plasterer by trade, left the operation of the farm to his wife Mary (Mammy).

In the early years the fruits and vegetables raised on the farm were sold on a huckstering route.  During the 30's and 40's Grace, one of the daughters, and Betty, their granddaughter, ran the route in an old 1927 Chevrolet Huckstering truck.  They would go along in the truck, making several stops for ciustomers to come out and purchase the fruits and vegetables needed for the next few days.  Some of the fruits included peaches, apples, pears, cherries, plums and apricots.  Some of the vegetables included potatoes, sweet corn, cabbage, radishes,  turnips, beans and cucumbers.  There was also butter, fresh farm eggs, ducks, chickens, and geese already cleaned and dressed.  During the Great Depression the farm survived by selling potatoes.

The huckstering route came to an end in 1945 but the farm still sold oats, wheat, field corn, rye, hay, barley, and straw.

When Mammy could no longer run the farm, Ed, one of the sons, took over.  Ed eventually moved and sold the farm to another brother, Webster.  Webster sold eggs and chickens at the farm, along with the field crops.

Around 1965 Betty, Mammy's granddaughter, her husband Paul, and two cousins, Francis and Elwood, took over the farm.  Eventually the two cousins moved on to other jobs, leaving the operation of the farm to Betty, Paul, and their son, Ken, with very few changes.

UpdateJune 11th, 2021

I don't do these emails often enough and I apologize.  Market is open with eggs, spinach, Chinese greens, radishes, and garlic curls.  If you do facebook, you can follow us on that and we ar

EggsJanuary 2nd, 2021

Hope everyone is starting off the New Year on a positive note.  We are.  The poultry strike is over and the girls are back to work.  We are busy in the barn with lambs and our new calf,

FallSeptember 9th, 2020

Wow!  What a summer!  Even though fall is just around the corner, we are still picking peaches, nectarines, and corn, along with many other things.  Our new ram, Sherman, is doing very