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Posted 8/30/2012 10:17pm by Heather Skorinko.

I was at the W.H. Milkowski Customer Appreciation Day yesterday.  Ordered potting mix for next year.  Getting ready for the new season!   This year is not over yet but we must plan for next year!  Some nice new plants for next year!

Posted 7/28/2012 9:18pm by Heather Skorinko.
Come in and check out our new "Grab & Go"  brocolli packs.  The work has been done for you.  The 1/2 pound packages contain brocolli florets ready for the pot. 
Posted 7/3/2012 6:47pm by Heather Skorinko.
White peaches are in!  Fruit seems to be about 2 weeks ahead of schedual, veggies a little behind or right on schedual.
Posted 6/18/2012 7:34pm by Heather Skorinko.

Cherries are in and we have some great radishes and hydroponic lettuce.

Posted 6/18/2012 7:27pm by Heather Skorinko.

Check out the new photos.  My husband was cutting hay at the one farm when he saw this critter right in front of him!  Our son Zachary was able to identify it as an African Spurred Tortoise!  Thanks to Affordable Pet in Northampton for connecting me to Ed who is able to give it a proper home.

Posted 6/11/2012 8:29pm by Heather Skorinko.

Strawberries are still in and cherries are ready to be picked.  Check out the photo of the radishes from the raised bed we finally finished.

Posted 5/16/2012 9:33am by Heather Skorinko.
They are in!  We are now picking and the Earliglows are very large thanks to the latested rain.  Good flavor, too!
Posted 5/10/2012 10:02am by Heather Skorinko.
We will have strawberries VERY soon.  Plants have berries and some are turning red.  I shall keep you posted.
Posted 4/17/2012 6:45pm by Heather Skorinko.
Karla Parker, the Artful Herbalist, will be joining us Saturday.  Come meet her and discover the benefits of herbs.
Posted 4/12/2012 7:31am by Heather Skorinko.
Just a reminder.  This Saturday from 10-4 we will be at Lehigh Valley Zoo.  Next Saturday, April 21st will be our greenhouse open house from 12-4 with the showing of Vanishing of the Bees at 4pm.

2018 SeasonJune 2nd, 2018

Everything is off to a slow start through out the agricultural industry in PA.  We are no different but with the warm weather we will catch up quickly.  We should have some strawberries soon

Local HoneyApril 12th, 2018

Mr Monjack, our local source for honey, has retired.  We have searching for a new local source and have located one.  We should have local honey this weekend. Heather

Ah-Ha! Arts Management Mother's Day Sale on 5/6/2018April 10th, 2018

We will be at the Ah-Ha! Arts Management Mother's Day Pop up shop.  It will run May 5 & 6, 2018 at the Macungie Memorial Hall, 50 Poplar St., Macungie, PA.  The hours will be 10am-5pm.