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Posted 5/20/2014 8:22pm by Heather Skorinko.

Spring is finally here.  The strawberries are flowering so we should have berries soon! We have some greenhouse lettuce and asparagus.  And yes, plenty of eggs.

I have been raising sheep for over 25 years.  When you do something for a long time it is easy to become complacent but in farming it can be dangerous.  I had that reminder Sunday.  As I went to let the sheep and goats in for their hay and grain, they crowded the gate.  I tried to pull it open but they pushed too hard and the gate got stuck in the "mud".  I tried to lift it but the animals pushed harder which knocked me down, my legs getting stuck between the gate and the ground.  I am fine, my ego is bruised a little, but fortunately I was in the "mud".  A reminder of how quickly things can change, that those cute, fuzzy, animals can be dangerous, and don't get too complacent!

Posted 4/16/2014 9:03pm by Heather Skorinko.

Hard to believe it is April 16, 2014.  Snow on the ground!  Fortunately we were able to protect the plants in the greenhouse and nothing has been planted outside, yet.  Just a reminder, we have a lot of eggs.

Posted 4/14/2014 6:59pm by Heather Skorinko.

It is hard to believe spring is here!  Where did the winter go?  Currently we have eggs, eggs, and more eggs.  The chickens decided they were ready to go to work.  

We hope to have plants available soon but we are currently having an issue with the greenhouse.  The winter storms did not effect the greenhouse but today's winds did.  Check out the photos.  With the temperatures dropping below freezing we have done our best to protect the plants.  I am a bit behind schedule and for once it is to my benefit!  Anyways, I'll try to keep you posted (better than I did during the winter).  Just remember, we have eggs!

Posted 11/1/2013 7:07pm by Heather Skorinko.

Saturday's class has been canceled due to a schedualing conflict.  We are now open just on weekends, noon until 5pm.  We have lots of potatoes, garlic, onions, winter squash, and apples.

Posted 9/30/2013 8:41pm by Heather Skorinko.

With winter on the way I am considering having informal knitting classes.  They will be on Saturdays and or Sundays.  I'll keep you posted!  If you are really interested, you may e-mail me at hjskorino@verizon.net, subject should say knitting classes.

Posted 9/19/2013 9:50pm by Heather Skorinko.

This weekend, September 21, I will be at the Laurys Station Community Days at the Laurys Station Fire Company from 2-6pm.  If you are in the area stop by and say hi!.  On Sunday, September 22nd Pam Schimmel, my volunteer, will be demonstrating the use of the spinning wheel at the farm.  Hope you can make it.  Just a reminder, it has not been cold enough so we still have produce, particularly tomatoes, in.  For my egg customers, I   have ordered more pullets so hopefully the egg production will increase soon.  Finally, for my meat lovers, the freezer should be full next week.

Posted 9/5/2013 9:03pm by Heather Skorinko.

For all you home canners, it is not too late.  We have peaches, tomatoes, and corn yet, availble in larger quantities for canning and freezing.  If interested, send an e-mail.

Heather Skorinko

Posted 9/5/2013 6:07pm by Heather Skorinko.

My volunteer, Pam Schimmel, will be offering some fiber classes over the next few months.  All sessions will be from 10am until 2pm.  Here is a list.  I will try to send out e-mail reminders.

Saturday, Sept. 7th Drop spindle

Sunday, Sept. 22nd  Spinning wheel

Saturday, Oct. 5th  Using hand carders on wool and for color effects

Sunday, Oct. 27th  Drop spindle and knitting a viking baby hat

Saturday, Nov. 3rd  Felting and making a beaded necklace 

Hope you can attend!  Sessions are free.

Heather Skorinko

Posted 8/29/2013 7:35am by Heather Skorinko.

Although I have lived on the farm for over 25 years, every day is new and different.  What amazes me is the wild life I have been seeing recently.  We were picking peaches a few weeks ago when I spotted fresh deer droppings.  Soon I heard some rustling and spotted two young fawns.  As I watched, one of them stopped and turned towards me.  I slowly approached and took a few pictures.  I'm not sure who was more curious, the fawn or me.  They both then took off.  

A week or so ago I was putting out temporary fence when I spotted a red fox.  It wasn't far from me but I didn't have my phone with me so I could not take its picture.  We studied each other for a few minutes and it then trotted away.  Unfortunately it had severe mange, which is not uncommon to see in fox the Lehigh Valley.  Poor thing must have been very ill because it was found dead in a neighbor's dog house the other day.

Today two of the bucks got tangled.  After I untangled them I went in the barn to see how the clean out was going (I scrape it clean every summer to prepare for the fall lambing)  when I spotted a small dead snake on the floor.  I have seen several garder snakes and a few milk snakes (young) but the markings on this one were different.  I scooped it into a cup and brought it back to the house to show my youngest son, who is familiar with snake species.    It turned out to be an eastern milk snake!  I have never seen one before.  It is too bad this young one didn't make it. 

So life on the farm not only entails the work and the livestock, it is a great study in mother nature.

Posted 8/10/2013 11:06pm by Heather Skorinko.

Sometimes doing farm work gives me a chance to mull things over or just enjoy what is around me.  The other day I was cutting the last large field of first cutting hay.  The tractor and hay cutter tend to be rather noisy so I had on my ear protectors.  As I was cutting I drove a multitude of bugs up into the air (it was kind of annoying).  Soon there was a barn swallow, then another, and another until several started diving and swooping, enjoying the buffet I had presented them.  In another part of the field, the alfalfa rustled, moved, and before I knew it, I chased out a fawn who went darting into the raspberries and trees.  The bugs continued to fly, the barn swallows continued their swooping and diving.  Soon, a kestrel perched itself on a tree.  I eventually saw it dive and fly away, but returned to another tree and held its vigil for the rest of the day.  The circle of life, nature doing its thing, and me farming.

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