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Posted 1/22/2013 9:02pm by Heather Skorinko.

With the cold weather upon us I start to think of cooking.  I went to a Farmer's Pot Luck last week and had to come up with a dish, FAST.  Trying to use what I had, I dove into my rather large selection of cookbooks, looking for something different.  I took out my pamphlet on how to cook cracked wheat bulgur and found a chili recipe.  It is a basic recipe that you can play with, easy to make, and rather quick.  Check it out.  

ShowsMarch 5th, 2019

Check us out at the following shows.   We will be at the Klecknersville Fire Co. Craft Show on Sunday, April 7, 2019. On June 1&2 I will be at Steppin Out Pop-up Art show at Steel Stacks

EggsJanuary 27th, 2019

The new chickens are laying so we have plenty of eggs!  The doors are closed during the cold weather but eggs are available. Heather Skorinko

2018 SeasonJune 2nd, 2018

Everything is off to a slow start through out the agricultural industry in PA.  We are no different but with the warm weather we will catch up quickly.  We should have some strawberries soon